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  • Game Site Design

    The project focus on interface design.

  • User Center Design

    The project focus on information architecture and interface design.

  • Ball Fun App Design

    Foucs on interaction and interface design.

  • Foody App Design

    Focus on interface design.

  • Education Website Design

    Focus on web information architecture and interface design.

  • Google Design Guidelines

    Google Web Products,Process and Guidelines

Google Web Products Design Guidelines

Consistency is the moust basic guidelines in web design. It can make products easy to use, and enhance user's percetion of the brand. In our specific design projects....more>

Mobile Users' Awareness and Operation in Different Situation

Compared to PC, the environment when using mobile phone is more sophisitcated. Different situation will effect users operation...more>

  • Moible Animation Design Guidelines

    Squash and stretch,Staging,Slow in and out

Mobile Animation Design Guidelines

People and objects have an inherent mass. When an object moves, the quality of the movement often indicates the rigidity of the object...more>